Local History Activity Guide

Welcome to the Local History Activity Guide.

Based on the learning modules of our online course, Creating Local Linkages, the Local History Activity Guide includes models for public programs in libraries, especially those public libraries with special collections holdings. These program models and resources are intended to introduce library patrons (such as researchers, local neighborhood groups, or students of all ages) to the complexities of local history, and to items held in local public library collections which document this history.

The program models and resources in the Local History Activity Guide are designed to be easily adaptable to the needs of librarians, their libraries, and their communities. Most activities in this guide include ideas for modification. As we design and publish this guide, we know many libraries are closed in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic; any of the ideas or resources can be adapted to develop virtual programs encouraging explorations in local history using online databases.

We hope these program models and resources will be useful to you and your community.

  1. Part One: What is Local History
  2. Part Two: Digital Local History Sources
  3. Part Three: Collaborative and Thematic Primary Source Analysis

This guide is also available as a PDF, with all resource activity sheets: Local History Activity Guide (pdf)